Division of Biology and Medicine
Department of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry


View a sampling of introductory and advanced course offerings in the Department of Molecular Biology Cell Biology and Biochemistry at Brown.

Fall Courses

Banner Code Course Title
BIOL0150A Techniques and Analyses using DNA-Based Biotechnology 
BIOL0190P Pride and Prejudice in the Development of Scientific Theories 
BIOL0190U Plant Development, Structure and Function 
BIOL0470 Genetics (LAB)
BIOL0940A Viral Epidemics
BIOL1050 Biology of the Eukaryotic Cell 
BIOL1222A Current Topics in Functional Genomics
BIOL1270 Advanced Biochemistry
BIOL1310 Developmental Biology (LAB)
BIOL1970A Stem Cell Biology
BIOL2030 Foundations for Advanced Study in the Life Sciences (CONF)
BIOL2050 Biology of the Eukaryotic Cell (CONF)
BIOL2150 Scientific Communication
BIOL2150 Scientific Communication
BIOL2222B Current Topics in Functional Genomics
BIOL2270 Advanced Biochemistry
BIOL2310 Developmental Biology (LAB)
BIOL2340 Neurogenetics and Disease

Spring Course Offerings

Banner Code Course Title
BIOL0200 The Foundation of Living Systems (LAB)
BIOL0280 Introductory Biochemistry (CONF)
BIOL0285 Introductory Biochemistry Laboratory (LAB COURSE)
BIOL0440 Inquiry in Plant Biology: Analysis of Plant Growth, Reproduction and Adaptive Responses (LAB)
BIOL0500 Cell and Molecular Biology
BIOL1040 Ultrastructure/Bioimaging
BIOL1330 Biology of Reproduction
BIOL1540 Molecular Genetics
BIOL1545 Human Genetics and Genomics
BIOL2010 Quantitative Approaches to Biology
BIOL2040 Ultrastructure/Bioimaging
BIOL2121 The Biochemistry of Signaling and Regulation from Prokaryotes to Eukaryotes
BIOL2350 Biology of Aging
BIOL2540 Molecular Genetics
BIOL2545 Human Genetics and Genomics